Our Commitment to WHS&E


Workplace Health Safety and Environmental Management

Building Guild has built it’s own project management processes and Workplace, Health and Safety (WHS&E) systems, which allow us to be the best in our class, while growing with us as we deliver more complex projects. At Building Guild, we believe that everyone is responsible for Health and Safety and that we all have an important part to play. From the inception of the project to the generation of the site specific workplace health and safety plan, every member of the site and office based team will know what is expected from them and others in regards to health and safety.

All management, employees and contractors working under Building Guild’s direction must conduct their activities in such a way as to take account of the health and safety of all employees and others on workplaces and give proper regard to the protection of the physical environment. As outlined in Building Guild WHS&E policy statement, other specific and measurable targets are outlined below:

Measurable Targets

Building Guild will meet its commitment to Health and Safety by:

• Acknowledging our legislative requirements and ensuring compliance as the minimum acceptable standard.
• Holding all levels of management accountable for the health and safety of employees under their leadership.

• Providing information, training, instruction and supervision to our people to ensure they have the skills and competencies required for their roles.
• Carrying out thorough investigations of incidents or injuries whilst maintaining a fair and equitable claims management process for the rehabilitation of injured parties.
• Implementing a WHS&E risk management process for the control of workplace hazards.
• Regularly reviewing the performance of, and continuously improving, the WHS&E

Management System.

Progress against these targets is measured and reported to management. The adequacy of the WHS&E objectives and targets is reviewed on an annual basis.

OUR COMMITMENT  TO WHS&EWe have an important part to play.